Welcome to the Alaska State Troopers Clan for Grand Theft Auto 4 PC. The AST Clan is a professional GTA 4 PC community which values high degrees of role-play, and maturity. We invite skilled, and learning individuals to take part in the fun and be in a friendly environment at the same time. The AST Clan strives to be as realistic as possible, so we use our own custom modification package to ensure that all members have the best in game experience. The AST Clan has also adopted the real life radio procedures.


If joining our clan is something that you are considering, head to the recruitment tab and fill out an application.  Please be sure that your application is of high detail because the better it is, the better chance that you are going to be accepted. We can assure you that being a Trooper within the Alaska State Troopers clan is going to be one of the hardest things you will ever do in your gaming career, whether it is with us or another community.  We have a very strict selection process to ensure that our patrol are to a high, professional standard.  All applicants must be a minimum of 15 years of age.

The Alaska State Troopers Clan currently houses four main divisions and six secondaries. The main divisions include: State Troopers; the backbone of our community. Highway Patrol; who focuses on Traffic Management. Alaska Bureau of Investigation; our detectives, and Mat-Com; our dispatchers.

Our State Troopers division usually focus their attention mainly on call outs. They can use LCPD:FR or Braveheart to generate realistic calls, but Mat-Com may also occasionally generate them. Highway Patrol are based on the main roads and highways of Liberty City, Alaska. They spend most of their time doing speed traps, DUI checkpoints, or other traffic related duties. The Alaska Bureau of Investigation (also known as ABI), are the Alaskan detectives. They endeavour to solve the toughest cases within the state. Last but not least, is the Mat-Com division. Effectively, they are our community's dispatchers and they are responsible for managing our high quality patrols.

If your application is accepted, you will be passed through a very rigorous training program including 10-codes training, vehicle course training, etc. Once you reach the rank of Trooper (or in some cases Corporal) you may apply to certain secondary divisions such as K9, DUI Enforcement, or SERT. You can apply for any of the above positions by simply going to the recruitment tab at the top of the webpage, or by visiting


Ranking Structure

Here at AST, we stress the importance of Chain of Command. The administration here at AST is comprised of two commissioners. The staff in each division are comprised of a Colonel followed by a Major, Captain, then Lieutenant. These are the members who have proven themselves to be a valuable resource to the community, and who have worked hard to gain a position of authority. They are also the members who are responsible for managing the efficancy of patrols.


Administrative Statement


The clan’s administration are an experienced group of individuals who have all of the necessary skills to run this community effectively and efficiently. The administration selects the finest staff possible to allow all members to enjoy a fun and realistic experience with us. Both staff and administration spend hours each day to maintain the high standards and friendly environment offered by the Alaska State Troopers Clan. Should have have any questions, feel free to contact an Administrator, Staff member or a member of PR.


Thank you for taking an interest in our clan,

AST Clan Administration

Commissioner Stopper